Coratex Purging

Davis-Standard Limited is the UK’s Leading Distributor of Coratex Purging Compound for the Plastics Industry.

As well as being an established supplier of plastics processing equipment it is also a key supplier of purging compounds.

CORATEX and CORATEX HT are purging emulsions for plastics processing equipment used extensively in many markets, such as the packaging industry, film manufacturers, pipe and profile extrusion. CORATEX is very popular with the operators of injection moulding machines, extrusion plants, blow moulding, and film lines.

Developed as concentrated liquids, CORATEX and CORATEX HT can be used with all types of polymers.

Saint-Gobain has been successfully distributing CORATEX for more than 35 years and Davis-Standard is proud to be their authorised UK distributor and recently the additional product line CORATEX HT has been developed.

The HT version has a pleasant orange odour, and is moreover a very popular product for manual cleaning of single machine components after strip down.

Convince yourself of the benefits of purging with CORATEX.

You will be pleased about how much time, material, energy, and process costs you will manage to save.